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Creating a cottage retreat in the Yorkshire Dales was a deeply personal decision for us, driven by a passion to share the region’s beauty with others. The Dales, with its untouched landscapes and enduring charm, inspired us to provide a genuine home away from home, offering travellers a taste of Yorkshire’s warm hospitality.

Our decision to create a holiday haven in this picturesque setting wasn’t just about business – it was about a desire to reconnect with our family’s roots after spending many years living and working in other parts of the UK and overseas. And it was an opportunity to raise our young family in one of the most beautiful places in the country. White Rose Cottage allows us to share our love for the Dales’ natural wonders, all whilst juggling our full-time careers.

We’re dedicated to contributing to sustainable tourism by supporting local businesses, and embracing eco-friendly practices. Our venture is a labour of love, aimed at preserving the Dales’ beauty for future generations.

We hope you enjoy your stay.

Vida & Tim